currently located in: Maryland

passport expires: feb 2025



Born in Baltimore, Maryland Jerald Kerr has been creating media since 2010. Initially beginning in the music field he curated his style for documentary style story telling early allowing him to expand into different territories. Currently he is the sole cinematographer and editor for Bmore Pro Productions. He has been apart of music videos, documentaries, short films, and a plethora of other projects since 2010. In 2014 he embarked on his first solo international film job for the International Rum Festival in Nassau, Bahamas. Most recently, has been the series of instructional videos that have been a major aid for Red Hawks customer service department but ultimately for the end users who need the content. Overall, he enjoys meeting new people traveling to new locations and learning as much as possible from each person he interacts with.



Red Hawk LLC — Domestic Golf Cart Parts- Senior Media Director where we have created over 200 Instructional videos. In addition to hundreds of product photography images.

Papi Cuisine — International Catering Company- Created domestic and international video campaigns.

Caribbean Soul Trekkers — International Travel Media

RSRVD Inc — Lifestyle Management Firm